Children and the Church

Zoom conference

on Sunday, October 23, 2022

2 pm EST (USA) / 8 pm CET (Czech Republic)

Programm Welcome                                Betty McGinnis
Opening Devotions & Prayer                     Zuzana Lavická
Introduction to Conference  

PCUSA Christian Formation of Children  resources              Stephanie Fritz 
ECCB Christian Education                                                 Radka Hojková
ECCB Children’s Ministry in the Local Church                      Jan Lavický - Klášter nad Dědinou
PCUSA Children’s Ministry in the Local Church                    Karen Kurtz

Discussions in Break out Rooms

1.  What makes a family friendly church?
2.  How do you answer hard questions that children ask about Faith?
3.  How does the church support and train volunteers and leaders who work with children?
4. What are possibilities to include children in the total church life, including intergenerational experiences?
5.  How do we engage children in building friends and making connections their age so that they want to remain in the church in the future?


Announcements   Gerhard Reininghaus
Follow up Information about the situation of refugees from the Ukraine in the Czech Republic and ECCB Martin Balcar

Closing Prayer Melissa Good