Church and enviroment

On-line conference 03/05/ 2023 here  

Partnership Conference in Olomouc 2023

all informations are here

10/18/22: Children and the church

Zoom conference 10/23/22 program here 

04/01/22: Together for Ukraine

On line conference 04/03/22 invitation here. Presentation are here:Refugees and faith (Mark Douglas), What we do (Martin Balcar), Ways to support Ukraine, Center of Relief and development (Kristina Ambrozova, Diakonia)

02/25/22: Lenten order of Worship 03-27-2022

The worship order for Laetare Sunday here in Czech and here in English

11/30/2021: Advent devotional 2021

Let´s go over to Bethlehem here

11/11/2021: Partnership reflection Vsetin - Cumberland

A short report and three videos you will find here

10/04/2021: Invitation to a partnership conference  "Involvement of youth"

The event takes place October 17, 2021. More information here.

09/21/2021: Diakonia crisis fund

More information about this supporting activity you find here.

08/16/2021: Report on the situation in the area affected by tornado

How things are going on more

06/26/2021: Tornado in Moravia

Information about collection to help people affected by tornado more

06/24/2021: A partnership across cultures grounded in the Body of Christ

You can find it here.  

02/26/2021: Lenten devotional 2021

You can find it here.

11/29/2020: Advent devotional 2020

here in English and here in Czech

08/31/2020: News from Diaconia - August

A letter written by Lucie Slamova. here

08/31/2020: 10th Annual Music and English camp in Katerinice

A report written  by Marc Etzel about this event in cornovirus year. here

06/04/2020: News from Diaconia - June

A letter written by Lucie Slamova. here

04/30/2020: ECCB in Corona-time

A letter written by Gerhard Frey-Reininghaus. here

04/02/2020: News from Diaconia - April

A letter writen by Lucie Slamova. here

07/11/2019: The 30th Anniversary Celebration of Diakonia ECCB

Lucie Slamova writes about that event. here

06/14/2019: A garden project

Lucie Slamova writes about a garden project supported by Atlanta conference. here

06/11/2019: Welcome nad hope

David Sinclair writes about Atlanta conference. here

05/07/2019: Atlanta Conference Video and Pictures

David Sinclair report is here.
You will find the video here and pictures here.

03/22/2019: Gerhard Frey-Reininghaus: Called to hope - on the way to the partnership conference

You will find it here.

12/19/2018: The report from the Summer Bell Camp in Kateřinice

You will find some pictures and informations here.

12/06/2018: Advent devotion 2018

The very interesting Advent short devotions has been made by Sewickly and Prerov. And because it is both in Czech and in English, it is available for all.

09/25/2018: ECCB celebrates 100 anniversary in Pardubice.

A minute schedule is here.

09/19/2018: A Czech Mission Trip 2018 Presentation has been published in section Partnership -  Sewickly and Prerov here

07/26/2018: A new flyer for Partnership conference here

Share the flyer at your congregation!

04/20/2018: A booklet and a complete report from the last Partnership Conference

You can find a booklet (a short  extract) and a complete report from "Sharing Together" - the last Partnership Conference that took place in Prague, 2016, in the Partnership section. Refresh your memories! 

Sharing together - A Partnership Conference 2016, Prague

03/26/2018: A new video about 100. Anniversary of ECCB

Vsetin has prepared videos about ECCB important anniversary for a joined worship with Cumberland (in Czech with English subtitles). You will find it at Vsetin-Cumberland Partnership page.

02/26/2018: A report from Extended Stay Cultural Exchange between FCP of Annapolis and ECCB Letohrad and link to Ed Skinner Blog.

Ed and BJ Skinners shares their experience from their 7- month-residency in Letohrad. You will find it at the Annapolis-Letohrad Partnership pages.

01/08/2018: Meeting of American Working Group in Prague

Topics: a visit of students of Columbia Seminary led by Mrs. Anna Carter Florence at Theological faculty in Prague, a collaboration between Diakonia CZ and PCUSA, mission ecumenical activities in the congregations in 2017, Partnership conference in 2019, website, AWG etc.