For English to the Church

The ETTC English To the Church Camp is a collaboration of efforts between the Annapolis and Letohrad Church Congregations. Since 2011, youth and adults come together each summer to create a camp in the church building that teaches English through a variety of activities including games, crafts, music, worship and a dedicated English class. Children from the church and surrounding communities are invited to attend.

Year/Topic/Annapolis guests 

2017 - Noah’s Ark
Steve Hays, Miss Good, Teresa Porath,John Davids, Ben Goshorn, Will Parker, Alana Miller, Maggie Porath

2016 – Super Heroes of the Church  – Micah 6:8
Steve Hays, Miss Good, Jessica Wooster, Elizabeth Lander, Sophie Chance,Caroline Steele

2015 – 5 Senses – Time for Everything Ecclesiastics
Steve Hays, Miss Good, Alison Whitacre, Kristie Lilly, Nash Whitacre, Joanna Lilly, Cameron Good, Emma Lander

2014 – The 4 Elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Steve Hays, Miss Good, BJ and Ed Skinner, Tucker Bullen, Nash Whitacre, Cameron Good , Emily Hays

2013 - – Celebration – Holidays : Christmas, Easter, All Saints/Halloween, Thanksgiving, Circle of Friends
Ed and BJ Skinner, Miss Good, Beth Hiltabidle, Cara Hiltabidle, Kay Black, KC Black

2012 - Olympics - The 10 Commandments
Steve Hays, Miss Good, Kay Black, Hale Bullen, Matt Hays, Haines Whitacre, KC Black

2011 - Peace and Dove – Care of Self, Care of Family, Care of Church/Community, Care of Others/Care of Earth
Steve Hays, Miss Good, Lakin Ducker, Kelly Kaulfuss, Griffin Good