History of Partnership

The partnership between the Letohrad Parish of the Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren (“ECCB”) and First Presbyterian in Annapolis, Maryland began before the the Letohrad Parish Church was built. The decision to form the partnership was mutually decided upon in 2000 during a trip when 17 members of First Presbyterian traveled to Letohrad to help in the construction of the new Church. The idea to partner came while the groups worked, worshiped, and had fun together. The group of 17 from Annapolis were graciously hosted by members of the Letohrad parish during their visit. The Letohrad parish - ECCB church was the first protestant Church to be built in the Czech Republic since the fall of Communism. Letohrad is a small town of 6,000 on the Polish border.

Following the completion of the building, the two Church formed and ratified a partnership agreement (here). An agreement to “grow and encourage one another in faith and commitment to the Church through sharing of ministry and prayers.” The elements of the partnership center around worship, fellowship, witness to the body of Christ, and service to the World.
In 2001, to help support its mission to the community, the Letohrad parish asked First Presbyterian to send some its members to teach English classes. The classes have been a big success bringing in not only Church members but also people from the town (people that otherwise wouldn’t even consider stepping foot in a Church). First Presbyterians now send English tutors 2 times a year (Spring and Fall).

The partnership was extended recently for another six years. A new goal is to develop additional partnerships between churches in the Czech Republic and the United States. Its a dynamic relationship that continues to grow.

List of visitors from Annapolis to Letohrad

List of visitors from Letohrad to Annapolis