• Jointly supporting a mission project, a summer peace camp for Ukrainian refugees started by a former interim pastor of Cumberland. First of Cumberland provided funds for three youth from Vsetin to attend as helpers.

  • 1st Presbyterian of Cumberland donated to Vsetin's Summer Camp which is held for children from their congregation as well as the community.  In 2017,  8 campers were from their congregation, 9 were from another church, and 13 had no religious background.  In 2016 the donation was used to purchase Bibles for the non-churched children.  In 2017, the money was used to buy a tent which will be very useful in all following camps. In 2018, Vsetin is considering supporting a mission of 1st of Cumberland.


PEACE CAMP 2017 Report

Part of our global mission money designated to “This Child Here” benefitted not only Robert Gamble’s Peace Camp in Odessa this summer, but our Czech partners in Vsetin, Czech Republic. Three young adults from the Vsetin church were volunteers at the camp, which was attended by twelve refugee families.

Robert´s message, the evening the camp closed: ...These three volunteers, Martin, Daniel and Anet need an award for going beyond the call of duty at our Peace Camp for refugees! By caring, befriending, energizing, and relating to young and old, they were an inspiration to everyone. I never expected to be so blessed by having them. When you said:"Hope our participation at your mission will be helpful", you got what you hoped for. As did we!...

The Czech youths’ description of the camp was: In the middle of July we set off to Odessa in Ukraine, where we were supposed to take part at the Peace Camp, organized by This Child Here for families that had to escape from war zone at the east Ukrainian border. Just after the arrival we met Robert Gamble, Alla Soroka and other people from the staff, later also those twelve families who took part in the camp. We spent marvelous moments there, in which had workshops and taught kids to juggle, played games and walked on slackline. We also organized an international evening, in which we briefly introduced our country and taught all participants the songs we sing in our youth group. After two weeks we were returning home, overwhelmed with the openness, warm acceptance and also by the strength of the families who experienced the war, left their homes and had to start from the very beginning. (Submitted by Anet Hrbáčková, Martin Knebl, Daniel Voda

One of the goals of our partnership is to jointly support some of each other’s missions. Both the Vsetín church and ours donated to the camp for the three youth to attend. We are happy that everything went well and that the youth arrived safely home and were excited about the mission. They are grateful for the opportunity that was offered through our partnership. Hopefully we can find other projects to work on together, monetarily and in person.