Presbyterian Church(USA) and Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren Partnership
Southminster Presbyterian Church Farní sbor ČCE v Kateřinicích
Farní sbor ČCE v Ratiboři

Kateřinice Summer English and Handbell Camp 2018

Four Southminster Ringer Alumni spent August 13-19 in Kateřinice for their 8th Summer Camp. Over the years, campers have come from Slovakia, Germany and Poland in addition to our Czech campers from Kateřinice, Ratiboř, Ostrava and Hrotovice. The camps have included Biblical musicals, a talent show, art classes, singing, lots of handbell ringing and lots of English conversation. After 8 years, some of the Americans are even taking a shot at speaking Czech (very small baby steps, but at least we are attempting!).

For the summer of 2018, while one handbell ensemble was rehearsing, the other groups were working on their wire sculptures or singing. We were fortunate to have Ladislav Moravetz, Church-wide Cantor, join us this year to teach us some of the contemporary music of the Czech Church. Ladislav was able to turn our rag-tag group of singers into a respectable choir in a few short rehearsals. And we were glad to have our fantastic art teacher from Poland, Grzegorz Ojrzyński, with us once again. He has made even the most timid campers love creating works of art!

Every camp ends with a final concert in the Ratiboř church. The community comes out to support the ringers and the ringers have become a vital part of the communities of Kateřinice and Ratiboř. After polishing up their music in the summer, groups have gone on to play for the Czech parliament, the EU parliament and many other concerts throughout Europe. They are wonderful ambassadors of Christ and bring joy and harmony through their music.